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5 steps guide to boost customer’s loyalty with efficient e-commerce shipping

In recent years, according to the source online buying patterns have shifted dramatically. With global e-commerce shipping sales predicted to reach $6.38 trillion by 2024 and mobile devices accounting for more than 70% of e-commerce traffic in 2022.

Staying competitive in today’s technology-driven market requires efficient e-commerce shipping. Customers no longer want to exert additional effort when purchasing things online; they want the finest offers that save them both time and money. E-commerce owners must try to deliver extra value to their customers through efficient shipment, which can provide them with a competitive advantage.

How does an effective e-commerce shipping add value to customers?

While customers perceive e-commerce shipping as simply the transit of goods from one location to another. They are frequently unaware of the complexities involved in the process and are primarily concerned with their product being delivered safely and on time. Effective e-commerce shipping may increase customer loyalty in a variety of ways. Like delivering rapid and reliable delivery, precise tracking information, branded packaging, free shipping or discounts, and great customer service. E-commerce enterprises may develop trust, increase customer happiness, and ultimately boost customer loyalty by meeting or exceeding customer’s expectations.

Shipping Aggregator firms, such as Shipmozo, can be of tremendous assistance in such deals by consolidating various shipping needs on a single platform.

5 ways to increase customer engagement through e-commerce shipping.

Offer free shipping –

This is one of the most popular tactics that e-commerce businesses adopt to grab customers’ attention. Customer psychology works in a way where they want more at less, With the increase in popularity of platforms such as amazon prime delivery, Free delivery is becoming extremely popular among the online shoppers.

E-commerce businesses can start shipping at rates as low as Rs.20 with Shipmozo.

Accurate and quick shipping

Every customer expects fast shipment of their goods that reaches their delivery point at the right place and right time. To increase customer loyalty, provide accurate e-commerce shipping information, such as tracking numbers and expected arrival dates, and provide quick shipment options whenever possible. To ensure prompt and effective delivery, you can also consider partnering with a reputable shipping carrier or using a shipping aggregator.

Make use of branded packaging.

Branded packaging is a quick and easy approach to create a memorable and good consumer experience. You can make your e commerce shipping stand out and strengthen your brand identification by employing custom packaging with your logo or brand colors. This can help to increase client loyalty and inspire customers to tell others about their experience.

Provide Simple Returns

Returns are unavoidable in e-commerce, but how you treat them may make or break client loyalty. Consider offering free return shipping or a prepaid return label to make returns simple and painless for your customers. You can also add detailed instructions on how to begin a return and follow its status.

Shipmozo aims at reducing the Return to Origin rate with the help of NDR’s by tracking the orders in real time and maintaining the accuracy of the information provided.

Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Last but not least, providing excellent customer service is a vital component in establishing client loyalty. Make sure to provide multiple channels for customer support, such as email, phone, and chat, and to respond to any inquiries or issues in a timely and professional manner. Consider developing a loyalty programme or providing personalised rewards to returning clients.


Finally, developing consumer loyalty for your e-commerce business necessitates a comprehensive approach that includes an emphasis on shipping. You may increase customer loyalty and develop your e-commerce business over time by delivering above the expectations e-commerce shipping by using shipping aggregators.